2022 Hotel Trends: Dynamic Strategies for Changing Times

24 Jan 2022 by ReviewPro in Webinars

2022 Hotel Trends

2022 promises to be yet another challenging year for the hospitality industry. However, this time, with two years of experience and great professional evolution behind us, we’re getting better at preparing for changing times.

The last two years we have learned that to navigate the ups and downs of today, you require a combination of the right tools, knowledge, and flexibility. All around the world, travel patterns have changed, as restrictions are being upheld, pushing hoteliers to adapt their service and product. At the same time, we have seen an uptake in digital technologies across the industry. So, how do we take these new strategies into the new year?

In our next webinar we will explore how hoteliers can apply real-time strategies to three key trends shaping the hotel industry in 2022.

We will be joined by a team of industry experts

Daniel Craig, founder of Reknown, will be our host and give us an overview of trends, and asses us on how hoteliers can better deal with shifting traveler types.

Jordi Figols Gagliardi from Majestic Resorts will share information on how he has integrated his tech platforms to maximize his return on investment.

Finally, we will also be hearing from Danica Smith, Director of Product Engagement at ReviewPro, on how automation can support hoteliers to drive staff efficiencies while upholding quality standards.

Topics include:
1. Shifting travel patterns. Hotels are targeting local, leisure and long-stay business while preparing to pivot when international, business and short-stay travel returns.
2. Staffing shortages. How hotels are using automation and other strategies to communicate with guests, detect service issues, and uphold quality standards.
3. Tech consolidation. As hotels adopt more technology, how can integrations support operations and ensure a seamless guest experience?


  • Jordi Figols Gagliardi, Corporate Business Process Manager, Majestic Resorts
  • Danica Smith, Director of Product Engagement, ReviewPro
  • Daniel Craig, Founder, Reknown (Moderator)

Mark your calendar: 2022 Hotel Trends: Dynamic Strategies for Changing Times
One-hour webinar on Tuesday, Feb 1st, 2022

2022 Hotel Trends: Dynamic Strategies for Changing Times

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