5 proven ways to get more guest reviews today

14 May 2014 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Today, travelers increasingly turn to peer reviews when deciding where to spend their hard-earned money. Many hospitality professionals already understand the value in harnessing online mentions to showcase their property. Guest comments and reviews are just one of the ways that guests show their appreciation for all the behind-the-scenes work you’ve invested in your business.

When your establishment – be it a hotel or restaurant – has laid the foundations for wonderful reviews through remarkable customer service, feedback should be a natural and positive outcome.

Reviews can directly affect your revenue because they impact several channels:

  • Review site ranking
  • Ranking on third-party distribution websites (OTAs)
  • Search-engine ranking
  • Overall online reputation score
  • Overall sales and conversion rates

But sometimes it takes a little effort to get clients to transfer their positive experiences into online reviews.

So how can you request and encourage guest reviews at your hotel or restaurant without being invasive or pushy?

Here are five quick tips to increase restaurant and hotel guest reviews:

1. Through social media and online travel agencies (OTAs)

Engage with guests on social media channels. Pay attention to what they are saying about you and ask if they’d mind repeating any positive comments on a review site.

2. In follow-up emails to guests

Many hotels send an email after guests check out to thank them for their stay. Consider placing a link to the review sites within this message. Or for business travelers, email guests the invoice and include a link to review the hotel.

3. Hotel guest-books

If someone leaves very positive feedback in a guest book or comment card, don’t let the feedback stay on paper. Contact the guest by email or telephone and ask them to consider sharing their thoughts with others online.

4. On cards at the front desk

Leaving a sign in a prominent location will remind guests that you value their opinion.

5. When receiving unsolicited feedback

Requesting a review at check-out is the best time to ask for reviews, since positive memories are still fresh. Your staff can ask if the guest had a positive experience at your hotel. If they did, encourage them to share their thoughts on a review site of their choice. This non-invasive option is effective if asking directly isn’t right for your hotel’s target group.

NOTE: Extra care must be taken when asking guests for reviews while they are still at the hotel. Several review sites have policies against this, and some will even mark reviews as fake if sent from the same location.

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