60% of Hotels Will Invest More in Online Reputation Management Solutions in 2015

10 Mar 2015 by ReviewPro in Hospitality Industry News

TripAdvisor’s newly released 2015 TripBarometer report has revealed that 60% of hotels plan to invest more in online reputation management solutions this year, while 90% of consumers say that accommodation ratings on review sites impact their booking decisions – for better or for worse. 88% of consumers also said that online reviews and posts on TripAdvisor are a main factor when booking accommodation.

TripAdvisor TripBarometer Online Reputation Management Solutions 2015

These fresh statistics highlight accommodation ratings and reviews as a critical influence on both the side of the consumer (decision-making) and of the hotel (business revenue). It also proves the growing relevance of successful reputation management for hotels and, more crucially, the positive impact of correct online reputation management on revenue.

53% of hotels also plan to invest in renovations and 47% in staff training. This comes as no surprise to us at ReviewPro – outdated amenities and poor service feature among the most frequent review complaints by unsatisfied guests.

Impact of amenities on booking decisions

When it comes to amenities, a staggering 74% of consumers surveyed (78% of whom are Millennials) say that a free in-room Wi-Fi connection would impact their booking decisions, followed closely by 60% who believe that free breakfast is an essential element of a happy hotel stay. And as hotel guests increasingly become more independent when making travel choices, it’s not surprising that fewest (21%) consumers refer to room service as important.

An optimistic outlook on profitability

Almost three-quarters (73%) of hoteliers also feel optimistic about profitability in 2015, a 3% yearly increase since 2013. Combined with the trust that hoteliers now place in online reputation analytics, could this positivity reflect the greater sense of control that travel brands feel they have over revenue as a result of deeper insights gained by review analytics and successful online reputation management?