Best Practices For Managing Teams During a Crisis

20 May 2020 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

While many teams have unfortunately been laid off or furloughed, another huge swathe of the population are suddenly fully #WFH. How to manage teams during crises is a topic which we covered in one of our Hotelier Talks recently, with some great insights from some of the globes’ most seasoned hospitality leaders.

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From soft skills to what tech to use and how to stay engaged while at home, we came away with these great best practices.

Show empathy and understanding when managing teams remotely.

We need to be aware that for some people being at home will be a breeze but for others so much time at home is really difficult therefore leaders need to be empathetic and understand who they are speaking to.

‘Everybody is dealing with this situation very differently so we need to respect that and be sensitive.’ Craig Bond, VP of Ops ONYX Hospitality

Remember that not all your team have access to the same technology

As most businesses are working from home we are connecting using different video communication platforms. This is great as we can see the team and share a smile but we should remember those who don’t use this technology too.

‘Its as simple as the General Managers picking up the phone and asking ‘how are you doing, are you ok?’ Be accessible and available, often people will just want to have an ear, there is enormous power in just having the opportunity to talk with someone.’ David OvendaleTop 10 Holiday Parks, CEO

If there is a time to show vulnerability it is now. We are all in this together.

As a leader within your business, navigating through these unknown times is not easy and it is normal to feel that way.

‘Don’t be scared to be vulnerable, it’s ok not to know. This situation is evolving everyday. It’s about being flexible with the teams. Be honest, be transparent and don’t promise anything you can’t deliver on’ David Ovendale

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During a hire freeze the focus should be on looking after the present staff.

‘We are checking on people everyday and holding one to one meetings every week to check on the work they are doing, how they are prioritising their time and trying to be transparent and communicate as things change.’ Sue Johnson, Marketing Director Spicers Retreats

Now is a great time to allow your staff to be creative and to collaborate.

‘At this moment we are bringing different departments together to work within other areas of the business that they haven’t had the opportunity to work in before.’ Craig Bond

‘To engage the team in a useful way our horticulturists are giving tips on gardening and the chefs are sharing advice on cooking’ Sue Johnson

Bowl of tomatoes with hands of gardener and hands of receiver

No business is the same however the core values remain when considering how to manage teams during crises, we should all strive to be honest, clear, positive and supportive with our teams.

As work continues to evolve, how are you dealing with your teams? We’d love to hear from you! contact us

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