Use the BookingSuite Direct Response Integration to Save Time Responding

27 Aug 2019 by ReviewPro in Products

Hoteliers can now respond directly to reviews on from the ReviewPro dashboard via the BookingSuite* direct response API (integration). This service will be free of charge until the end of 2019.

*BookingSuite is a subsidiary, that benefits from resources and access to years of experience in the industry.

ReviewPro is one of the first companies to offer this API, enabling hoteliers to respond directly from the ReviewPro platform without having to navigate away or sign in to another site.

The development of the BookingSuite API offers a significant time-saving method for hoteliers. After testing out the API, Ona Hotels Barcelona found that responding was an average of 40% faster when using the API compared to the previous method of signing into and searching for the review to which to respond.

A man checks his watch whilst working, conscious of his review response time

Management response specialists

Feedback in the form of guest reviews is now at the heart of any hospitality business. An adequate response is not only important to the guest who gave the feedback but also to the thousands of prospective guests browsing reviews when shopping for their next holiday. This means that reading and responding to online reviews is now a key task for staff. ReviewPro has always been focused on developing management response tools and strategies that are clear, efficient, and help hoteliers to save time and resources. The BookingSuite direct response integration now forms a key part of this set of tools and strategies.

Management response tool kit

Our range of management response tools for online reviews now includes:

Response templates to make answering quick, easy, and within brand standards.
Direct responding with the BookingSuite direct response API, Google direct response API, and a response link for TripAdvisor.*
Webinars, guides and training for how to set up management response strategies, available at our resource center.
Ability to set goals and KPIs for individual properties, brands, or teams.
Full management response reporting: comprehensive review metrics (source, volume, language), ability to compare review and response metrics to competitors (individual or brand level).
Automated alerts: alerts can be configured and automated for different users to receive notifications of guest feedback.
Auto Case Management: process online feedback according to your rules and in real time. As soon as the feedback is received, ReviewPro ensures the right people get a notification of what action is required on their part and by when. Supports execution of a response strategy.
ReviewPro app: alerts and cases are delivered via the app so staff can respond to reviews quickly and easily.

*These functionalities mean that hotel staff can save time by responding efficiently to up to 80% of online reviews. Google, and TripAdvisor make up to 80% of respond able reviews for some hotels according to ReviewPro 2018 research.

Want to try out the new BookingSuite API and cut your response time?