Brand Reputation: The New Equity in the Hotel Industry

15 Apr 2019 by ReviewPro in Educational Guide

Brand reputation and ranking is taking on a new importance in the age of global travel.
Guests want consistency, exceptional guest experiences, plus a touch of local culture,
all of which contribute to hotel brand perception.

Chris Anderson brand reputation quote

Whether a large hotel company or smaller brand, this Guide to Brand Reputation has
something for everyone.

    • Owners and Investors. To optimize the performance of investments, hotel owners
      and investors must understand how and why reputation varies among brands and
      the relationship between online reputation and financial performance. They need
      to know how their brands rank against competitors and how to choose brands that
      maintain a strong reputation over time.
    • Brand Executives. In order to grow, hotel companies must sell management
      contracts and franchises and optimize portfolio performance. Executives must
      understand how travelers perceive their brands, how brand reputation compares
      among competitors, and what it takes to build a strong, distinctive brand.
    • Hotel Managers. As the building blocks of a brand’s reputation, hotels require
      operators with a clear understanding of brand identity, brand differentiation and
      traveler expectations. They must be able to lead and inspire staff to consistently
      deliver on brand promises.


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