Why citizenM Chose ReviewPro to Manage Their Online Reputation

07 Jun 2011 by ReviewPro in Case Studies

So far in this case study, we have looked at how citizenM creates compelling social media content and how they involve everyone in improving their online reputation. Here, we will look at why they chose ReviewPro to manage all these processes.

When citizenM began their social marketing program, it quickly became clear that they needed a tool to track, monitor and manage their reputation online. Reports were originally created manually, but this approach was far too time consuming (and this was with only two properties). With big expansion plans ahead, another solution was needed.

When citizenM’s Social Media and Internet Strategist, Diego Sartori, started at the head office, the management team asked him to do some research on which solution would be best to manage this whole process.

“I started looking for tools, and came across ReviewPro among others,” Diego recalls. “I had demonstrations from many different tools, and ReviewPro was the one that fit our needs best: it is the most complete and has shown more reliability than the others. That’s the reason we started working with ReviewPro. It’s a great product that offers exactly what we need, and has some helpful features like social media tracking, task assignments, and so on.”

ReviewPro’s search and reporting functionality is especially important to the citizenM management team. Semantic analysis reporting provides insights that each of their departments can use. For example, if guests are having issues with the showers, the team works with the maintenance staff to prevent similar complaints from happening in the future.

“For any element of our hotel, I can type the keyword into ReviewPro search, and see all the things guests say about it. Before I’d have to spend several hours to go through everything – and even then it was not complete.”

Semantic analysis of feedback across review sites is also used for product development and improvement. A recent example is the room at the properties in Amsterdam, originally built without proper working desk. (“We wanted guests to make full use of the living rooms downstairs and network with other guests.”) But reviews were often pointing out the lack of a working desk in the room – and how guests wanted to have one there. “The newly open hotel in Glasgow came with the working desk and just a few weeks ago, we modified all rooms in Amsterdam to include one.”

The approach citizenM uses to create compelling social media content and improve their online reputation through the participation of people inside and outside of their organization has yielded impressive results. Over the past year, the number of active and engaged Facebook fans has increased by nearly four times. Twitter followers have doubled in the past three months. And on review sites like TripAdvisor, citizenM hotels typically appear near the top of rankings for each local market.

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View the citizenM website here, connect with them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @citizenM

A big thank you to Diego Sartori, Michael Levie, and the rest of the citizenM team for their participation in this case study.

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