Contactless Technology Transforming The Hospitality Industry

15 Sep 2021 by ReviewPro in Chatbot & AI

The Contactless Era

When we consider the traditional hotel guest experience, a guest would enter and directly approach the hotel’s lobby, be greeted by the reception, and proceed to go through the check-in process. The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the digital transformation of the overall hospitality industry, accelerating the industry to adapt to the new normal. Now, in 2021 hoteliers are much more aware of the constant changing needs of the customer, pushing for a more seamless and secure guest experience.

Prior to the global pandemic hospitality was far behind the global commerce ecosystem when it came to payment technologies. With hoteliers now rapidly adapting to the digital revolution, and with the increase in contactless technologies, hoteliers can now provide guests with an overall better guest experience, being competitive and providing the digital savvy travellers with a full digital offering.

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Reinventing the guest journey with seamless digital experiences

Today, the hospitality industry is implementing fewer contact points in order to reconfigure the use of public spaces as well as increasing the amount of new sanitising protocols, this is mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These newly introduced protocols are providing guests with an overall better experience during their trip. Hoteliers are able to provide guests with a more seamless digital experience throughout their entire guest journey, which is essential today, enabling quick and professional check-in/outs as well as an overall smooth and stress-free journey. In order to create a true contactless experience, it’s important that hotels understand every step of the guests journey, to eliminate the points at which human contact can be fully replaced by technology. Hotels need to  fully align with the constant changing compliance standards, payment options and user trends

It’s important that guests have an unforgettable digital experience, in all the hotel spaces, therefore being able to blend core digital amenities with the traditional human services is essential. This can help enforce hotel standards, as well as helping to further understand guest behaviour at all core stages of their journey.

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Keyless Check-ins

With the rapid increase of technology, guests are starting to enjoy the convenience of dealing with their own check-in process. According to research from Openkey, keyless entry leads to an average increase of 7% when it comes to guest satisfaction scores. Keyless check-in also helps hotels run more efficiency, by saving time and effort on staff, documentation, and on-site offers can be provided to guests before their arrival. These solutions also help hoteliers gather guest insights, and understand what their preferences are through pre-arrival surveys.

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Personalising the guest journey

Engaging directly with guests, and personalising their experience has been made easier with the digital transformation of the hospitality industry, allowing endless opportunities to directly engage from both directions. By providing guests with personalised experience will enable.

Hotel guests can benefit from almost every aspect of automation that is applied from an operational side. When hoteliers automate the way their hotel is receiving guest feedback or requests, this helps the hotel make the appropriate changes in operations, resolve an issue that has been reported by guests, or even fulfil a guest request that has come in. The core benefit that guests will see is that automation will make their experience more seamless and efficient, ensuring that their needs are met in a timely manner, this is also a benefit from an operational point of view.

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