5 Ways to Get Customer Surveys Working for Your Restaurant

14 Aug 2018 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Restaurants are feeling the digital change just like any other business. In the next few years, business coming through online channels will make up a whopping 30% of all restaurant sales.

With more people using map apps and review sites to make dining decisions on the go, building a positive online reputation has never been more critical to a restaurant’s success. This means more than monitoring your restaurant’s online reputation, it means being proactive about soliciting customer feedback on-site too.

Couple filling in customer surveys at restaurant

Why are customer surveys important?

Fast, personalized, and agile, restaurant surveys provide invaluable information about customer opinions and habits. They provide opportunities for rapid service recovery, often while customers are still on-site. This can help increase review volume and ratings on sites like TripAdvisor and Google.

Restaurant surveys can benefit your establishment in five key areas:

1. Surveys provide deep insights

Online reviews provide critical feedback, but survey questions can help you to dig even deeper and find out more about customer preferences. Because surveys are customizable, they allow you to ask specific, targeted questions instead of being limited to what the customer feels like sharing in online reviews.

Many survey systems offer question logic features that allow you to hide or reveal follow-up questions based on the customer’s answer to a question. For example, a low score in food quality could trigger a question to find out exactly what the customer didn’t like about the food. This will help you build a more comprehensive view of your business from the customer’s perspective and prioritize areas for operational and service improvements.

Wine bottle and glass on restaurant table

2. Surveys allow for swift, personalized action

Customer surveys provide a private feedback arena for unhappy customers to ‘vent’ in private. You can address their concerns before they take them public in an online review. Dealing with issues promptly can prevent negative reviews and build customer loyalty. If you are able to make amends while the customer is still in the restaurant, you can help ensure that no customer walks out the door unhappy.

3. Surveys help staff focus on priorities

With a guest feedback management platform, you can create customizable views of feedback for key staff members. This allows them to focus on their individual priorities. Further, you can establish goals, strategies, and timelines, with easy-to-read performance metrics for tracking progress to ensure that all employees are working toward the same objectives.

ReviewPro’s Auto Case Management solution automatically assigns tasks and tickets to relevant members of staff. It also features escalation rules to alert managers when tasks are not completed on time. This ensures timely service recovery and keeps management in the know.

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4. Surveys can work alongside your POS to provide deeper insight

If you integrate data from your POS system with your customer surveys solution, you can customize surveys and segment survey responses based on any POS data you choose. For example, you can filter questions and answers based on total customer spend, type of meal, demographics or loyalty club membership. This will help you target specific types of customers for feedback and understand which types of customers are most and least satisfied and why.

Filling in customer surveys on a laptop

5. Surveys can help you to increase review volume across multiple channels

If your customer survey provider offers a review collection program for review sites like TripAdvisor or Google, you can use it to drive a higher volume and quality of reviews. More reviews will help boost your online profile and bookings.

Hands filling in a customer survey on a smartphone on a restaurant table

Restaurant surveys are incredibly powerful when used to their full potential. Remember, of course, that high customer ratings are driven by providing outstanding service and quick service recovery, implementing meaningful change within your business and cultivating strong relationships with your customers.

Would you like to find out how restaurant surveys can work for you?