New Year, New Start: How to Drive Hotel Revenue in 2019

08 Jan 2019 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

To ensure your hotel is in an optimum position to succeed in 2019, we gathered a selection of our must-read 2018 hospitality content. Whether you are looking to boost hotel revenue, improve your online reputation, gather guest feedback, or provide real-time service for your guests, read on and get set for success this year!

What drives hotel revenue?

Here at ReviewPro we will never tire of saying that hotel revenue boils down to one key element: great guest experiences.

How can I improve online hotel guest reviews?

One of the first places potential guests look when deciding to book your hotel is online reviews. Improving ratings is vital to your conversion rate, RevPAR and, ultimately, revenue.

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Customer satisfaction surveys: what do I need to know?

To understand your guests and meet their needs, you need their feedback. One of the best ways of doing this is by soliciting information via Guest Satisfaction Surveys.

How can I anticipate my guests’ needs before they turn into bad reviews?

When it comes to having their needs met, today’s guest craves immediacy … don’t we all? This means in-stay service recovery: fast, personal, efficient.

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How can I leverage my hotel’s reputation to boost revenue?

Potential guests are not the only ones with their eye on your online reputation: it affects the bottom line of your business in more ways than one.

We hope you enjoy this selection and that 2019 is a prosperous year full of unforgettable guest experiences.

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