Eco-friendly Hotels are Good for Guests

11 Nov 2020 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Eco-friendly hotels are more than just a trend, for many they are a way of life. Martin’s Hotels in Belgium is one of these, and by suggesting ways in which guests can positively contribute, the brand manages to delight guests and secure loyalty.

Martin's Hotels

Over the years Martin’s Hotels has been involved in many projects focusing on ecology, fair trade, culture, and humanitarian activities as well as setting up sustainable development projects. The brand’s core value is that by doing so they can act more effectively in the interests of the planet and future generations because, in their own words, ‘Tomorrow Needs Today’.

Martin's hotels

The hotel encourages guests to follow the same philosophy while on-site by incentivizing eco-friendly gestures. Guests who choose sustainable practices while at the hotel are rewarded with Eco vouchers to be used at any of the 14 Martin’s Hotels.

Some of the actions include the following:

  • Reusing towels and bedsheets
  • Switching off lights
  • Using public transport or enjoying one of the hotels
  • EcoetBon’: meals or drinks which are created with seasonal produce that is locally sourced, allowing the hotels to have a smaller carbon footprint.

Martin's Hotels

To understand the impact on guests, the hotels set up their post-stay Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) with specific questions to evaluate if the guest has participated and in what ways have they made their stay more eco-friendly.

From the results gathered in the survey, the hotels are able to understand how powerful this initiative is and what impact their suggestions are having on the guest experience. Gabrielle Dauby, group Ecommerce and Marketing supervisor, mentions that “Regular guests really enjoy taking part as they very quickly see the impact it is having”.

‘Good initiative for the planet on behalf of the hotel.’

‘Love it! Thank you for saving the planet.’

‘This is such a great project and we were more than happy to participate. We were happy to re-use our towels and bedsheets, and chose the limited room servicing option.’

‘Great to see this I have not seen it before elsewhere.’

‘It’s an excellent project very worthwhile.’

‘I was surprised by your sustainable attitude and your practical implementation and you always have my support.’

‘I think it’s necessary! Thank you for being a part of this movement.’

Martin's Hotels

From the guests’ reaction to this project, it is clear that Martin’s Hotels is known as a brand that is conscious of the future and who wish to work with their guests to provide the best experience possible whilst being eco-aware.

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