En Casa del Herrero Cuchillo de Palo

08 Jun 2010 by ReviewPro in ReviewPro News

 There is an old saying in Spain that loosely translates to, “in the house of the ironsmith the kids eat with wooden knives”. The saying refers to the fact that often times what one focuses on professionally does not get used in their own home and it applies to us here at ReviewPro. We are specialists in online reputation and social media management yet, up until now, we have not even had our own blog, Facebook, Twitter etc.

For more than a year and a half, we have been developing a web-based analytical tool that allows hoteliers to effeciently aggregate, organize and manage their online reviews and presence in social media. Over the last several months, we have quickly become the leading pan-European provider of social media metrics for the hotel sector. Along the way we have been so focused on “making steel knives for our customers” that we neglected the fact that we were using “wooden knives” at home.

However, as of today that changes. I welcome you to our new blog and hope that it proves to be both insightful and informative. I look forward to hear your feedback and collaboration as we work to evolve our product and continue our ambitious plans to expand geographically.

R.J Friedlander