Ensure your guests check-out happy with In-stay Surveys

29 Dec 2016 by ReviewPro in Guest Surveys

As a hotelier, you’ll encounter many situations where guests are unsatisfied with a specific service or experience during their stay. Identifying issues in time to find a solution can be difficult if you don’t have the necessary tools in place.

With our In-stay Surveys, an integral feature of our Guest Survey Solution (GSS), hoteliers can recognize the need for service recovery and implement a recovery strategy while guests are still on property. By taking corrective action before guests check out, you can help improve satisfaction and prevent negative online reviews.

The ability to act promptly on guests’ comments and take corrective action before they check-out will help hotels transform a potentially damaging situation into an opportunity to deliver unbelievable service, exceed guest expectations and drive customer loyalty.

This feature is already available for our hotel partners that are subscribing to the Advanced GSS tool. Users can create multiple surveys within the tool to identify detailed insight into what guests like/dislike and ultimately, positively impact your online reputation.

We recommend sending guests an email after 2 nights with a short survey consisting of 3 simple questions:

• How do you rate your stay so far?
• How likely would you be to recommend this hotel to a friend?
• What could we do to make your stay better?

in stay survey

At this point, you will identify any unsatisfied guests whilst setting a positive impression within the guest’s mind.

It is important to note when initiating the In-stay survey that hotels have a clear process in place for service recovery for those guests who provide negative feedback to the surveys.

The overall objectives of In-stay Surveys are:

• Improve guest satisfaction
• Increase loyalty to the hotel or brand
• Drive operational efficiencies
• Encourage positive reviews online
• Increase ADR & RevPAR within your hotel based on improved presence online


For more information about our Guest Survey Solution, including our In-Stay Surveys, you can request a demo here.