From Analysis to Action: the Evolution of Guest Intelligence

24 Jan 2018 by ReviewPro in Guest Intelligence

Gathering data on your hotel’s online reputation is the first part of the story, and something that ReviewPro has always been known for. After all, guest reviews are a matter of make or break in the hospitality industry. Guest experience is king.

“80% of respondents [to a TripAdvisor survey] read at least 6 to 12 reviews before making their decision” [i]

But what if you want to be able to impact guest experience before it becomes a bad review?

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This is where our guest satisfaction surveys come in really handy. These can be either in-stay or post-stay and tailored to your needs ensure you are asking the right questions and getting the right feedback to improve your business, even while the guests are still in your hotel.

“You don’t want to wait until the guest posts a problem on TripAdvisor and seven other guests have had a similar experience.” RJ Friedlander, CEO ReviewPro

We call this combined knowledge guest intelligence, and it is the key to honing in on how to improve your guest’s experience, boosting revenue and reputation. Which is why you probably already have ReviewPro as part of your business strategy. Phew.


Would you like to see how it works?



Now you have data that is gathered from 175+ sources, updated every two hours, and tailored to your hotel according to the parameters you set on your survey, how can you ensure it is actioned?

Data alone cannot provoke change – rather accessibility, acting on it, customer support, training, incentivizing employees and ending up with the development of a customer-centric culture is key” RJ Friedlander, CEO of ReviewPro.

This is where Auto Case Management comes in

Auto Case Management allows you to act on important guest feedback quickly and efficiently. It is tailored to reflect your organizational structure and day-to-day operational reality. You can create automation rules to assign cases to particular staff members based on specific feedback from online reviews and in-stay or post-stay surveys. Thanks to the ‘To Do’ page, each user can see at glance what they need to do including deadlines and if any tasks are overdue, automated alerts are sent to the relevant manager.

Fast and accessible

The tool is user-friendly, can be reset in under a minute, and can be accessed on a mobile app which is especially handy for hotel staff who are always on the go.

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Key benefits of Auto Case Management

  • Streamlines operational efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Makes it easier for your team to manage the internal processes necessary to execute improvements based on guest feedback.
  • Automates follow-up with the relevant staff member so issues don’t go unfixed.
  • Creates a guest-centric culture across your organization to guarantee service excellence.

Small changes, big results

The changes needed within your establishment to optimize guest experience may be simpler than you think, and can be taken in baby steps. It could be a case of first identifying specific pain points like problematic times of day, or issues such as cleanliness, or check-in. By establishing best practices in phases you can make manageable and efficient changes in your hotel that will over time improve guest satisfaction and the online reputation of your hotel.

If you want to learn about how manage your online reputation, employ intelligent surveys to harness the power of guest feedback, or discover how real-time messaging can take your guests experience to the next level, request a product demo.