EyeForTravel Travel Distribution Summit Asia 2012 Event Recap

11 May 2012 by ReviewPro in Events

We just wrapped up the EyeForTravel Travel Distribution Summit Asia 2012 conference in Singapore, and as usual, but together a list of our favorite ideas – in tweets:

EyeForTravel Travel Distribution Summit Asia 2012 Recap

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Live tweeting from Singapore at EyeForTravel’s Travel Distribution Summit Asia 2012. Follow us and #TDSasia for fresh #smtravel ideas
"Number of social conversations about travel is doubling every 6 months." #TDSasia
Love this: Webjet brings a life-size cutout of a customer saying "What’s in it for me?" to all meetings. #TDSasia
Consistent theme so far at #TDSasia – create a customer-centric organization. How are you using new technology to do this?
Be ruthlessly focused on getting things done. Finishing quickly, finishing well. #TDSasia #management
"Be intense in the relentless pursuit of good people." – John Guscic #TDSasia #HR
RT @faithyoong: Guests more likely to spend when they’re traveling. At the booking stage, they try to save. Implications on mobile strat …
RT @simpliflying @jeve Engage the traveler when he’s in the spending mode (during travel) #TDSasia
Big data is very important. Make sure you filter that and put it into the hands of your employees to make decisions. #TDSasia
RT @ReviewPro: Use technology to automate data collection, processing to free up time for your people to creatively use insights from th …
#Travel businesses that will succeed will be the ones that use data the best. – Adrian Currie #TDSasia
"Focus on integrating your technology platforms to see all data in one place." Prashanth Radhakrishnan, Starwood #TDSasia
Effective use of data requires processes, systems and a culture of using data for decision making. #TDSasia
The beautiful thing about social analytics is that you’re working with public data. Huge opportunity for competitive insight. #TDSasia
Use online customer reviews to understand where your brand sits in the competitive landscape. – Kelly McGuire, SAS Institute #TDSasia
"What is the business problem am I trying to solve? How can social media analytics give me answers to solve it?" – Kelly McGuire #TDSasia
Understand your customer, anticipate what they’ll want, and meet (and exceed) their needs. – @edwardperry @Worldhotels #TDSasia
RT @Msaio: @HiltonHotels welcome program includes chinese speaking concierge, translated welcome letters, ‘local’ food #TDSasia #custserv
"Old school" discussion forums – a very important part of the social media landscape in China. – Sam Flemming #TDSasia #smtravel
Understand the "Internet Culture" of your audience to guide #content marketing strategy. – Sam Flemming #TDSasia #smtravel
"What are the core competencies of your organization, and how can you focus your social activity around that?" @edwardperry #TDSasia
"I am Roger Smith" video campaign @RSHotel used as a great example of humanizing your brand by @edwardperry #TDSasia #hotelmarketing
RT @blancamenchaca: +1 google button will have an effect on SERPS integrate it on every page says Ali Yilmaz Head of Travel APAC Google …
How can you capitalize on the downtime of your customers when they are traveling? – @simpliflying #TDSasia
RT @ReviewPro: "When mistakes happen, be human. Relationships matter." – @simpliflying #TDSasia
Social listening and real-time service can resolve issues, keep guests happy and prevent negative online reviews. – @edwardperry #TDSasia
"Don’t measure activities, but results." – Barbara Pezzi #TDSasia
Make publishing decisions based on social analytics to stay relevant with your audience. – Barbara Pezzi #TDSasia
RT @simpliflying: "learn, act, evolve..then repeat" that’s how you gotta do social media like @visitbritain #TDSasia

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