How F&B Managers Can Leverage Guest Intelligence to Drive Improvements

18 Nov 2016 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Recently published on Hospitality & Catering news, we discuss how F&B Managers in hotels can leverage Guest Intelligence to drive improvements.

Guest Intelligence is the in-depth analysis of online reviews and guest satisfaction survey data, including both in-stay and post-stay surveys, to provide detailed insight into what guests like and dislike about their stay and prioritize operational and service improvements.

Travelers today are no longer looking for just somewhere to stay, instead, people are looking for a unique experience. Enhancing the guest experience should therefore play a fundamental part in the overall strategy of a hotel.

Guest feedback is invaluable to all members of the team as it allows staff to understand where they need to make the necessary changes to improve overall satisfaction. By drilling down to a departmental level and attaining the right data for the right people, all departments can use Guest Intelligence to make enhancements where it matters most.

Savvy F&B Managers in hotels understand that guest feedback can provide actionable insight based on how people are rating their experience with the hotel restaurant, bar, room service or other related areas. ReviewPro’s Guest Intelligence Suite allows hoteliers to track the evolution of Departmental Indexes, including F&B, based on the scores that are given by guests online after check-out. This gives F&B Managers the opportunity to detect any problems within their department or measure the impact of investments or refurbishments.


If Managers see their Department Index decreasing, they can use Sentiment Analysis to investigate in more detail to understand what is making guests unhappy and why the problems are arising. ReviewPro’s technology enables them to drill down on the “restaurant” or “bar” categories within review sites and Guest Surveys to access both negative and positive comments relevant to them and take appropriate action.

Another way for F&B managers to better understand weaknesses is to utilize guest feedback through post-stay and in-stay surveys. Our Guest Satisfaction Surveys allow users to view questions and the feedback related specifically to their department. Hotels can also send short email surveys whilst guests are still on property to identify the need for service recovery. This allows them to take corrective action before guests check out to help improve satisfaction in their department and reduce negative online reviews.

In addition to highlighting areas to focus on, Guest Intelligence can also guide new product development. Hotels can identify through guest feedback if guests are not engaging with F&B, for example, not eating breakfast. If this occurs, a separate Guest Satisfaction Survey can be created with specific questions about F&B to gain better insight into what guests are looking for. Managers can then trial new concepts, gather further feedback from guests and, based on results, decide whether to roll these out or not.

Not only does Guest Intelligence data give F&B managers the opportunity to create positive change, but they will also feel motivated to know their effort and hard work is making a difference on a larger scale. It empowers all staff to be more proactive, take responsibility and drive change within their department, resulting in increased guest satisfaction and revenue.