How glh Hotels Puts Guest Experience at the Heart of Its Business

23 Oct 2018 by ReviewPro in Case Studies

Guest experience is at the heart of the hospitality industry, and this is no more evident than in the company culture at glh Hotels. The upscale London brand makes guest experience a priority in two main ways: by prioritising operational and service improvements according to guest feedback, and by encouraging a guest centric culture at all levels of staff.

Hands folding towels hotel staff

“It is essential that (staff) see their job as part of a bigger whole at the brand level, and that they have an active and valuable part in our mission – helping to exceed guest expectations,” Says Nadine Lee, Group Guest Services Manager at glh Hotels.

With this attitude and by taking full advantage of the ReviewPro solutions that they employ the company has achieved some impressive statistics. For example, a response rate of higher than 90% to over 48,000 reviews in the last year alone.

Hands checking stats on phone screens

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