Global Guest Experience Data: What We Know So Far for 2023

19 Jul 2023 by Heather McCaw in

Data is crucial to making smart business decisions, and hospitality is no different. In our quarterly guest experience benchmark reports we process millions of reviews to reveal global and regional trends so hoteliers can use guest experience data to benchmark their hotel, group, or brand.  

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In this blog post, we delve into our last report, looking at the guest experience data focusing on the Global Review Index (GRI), review volume, semantic analysis, and review responsiveness, we explore noteworthy findings that shape the industry’s trajectory. 

While the Global Review Index shows a promising upward trajectory, there is still room for improvement. The Asia Pacific region leads the way in terms of guest satisfaction, and hoteliers worldwide continue to focus on enhancing service quality. The increasing review volume signifies a gradual recovery, and despite challenges, the majority of reviews remain positive. As hotels respond to guest feedback, they reinforce their commitment to guest-centricity and delivering exceptional experiences. By leveraging these insights, the hospitality industry can further adapt, innovate, and thrive in a post-pandemic world. 

GRI increases in Q1 2023: In the first quarter of 2023, the Global Review Index for hotels reached 84.9%. While this marked a slight increase compared to Q1 2022, it fell short by 0.6 points when compared to Q1 2021. Notably, 5-star hotels outperformed other categories with an impressive GRI of 89.0%, surpassing 4-star hotels that attained a GRI of 85.1%. This data reinforces the importance of quality and service excellence in delivering outstanding guest experiences. 

Graph show GRI developments of Q1 2023

Asia Pacific region leads: Among the six regions examined, hotels in the Asia Pacific region exhibited the highest GRI of 86.1%. This underscores the region’s commitment to hospitality excellence and guest satisfaction. As travelers increasingly prioritize exceptional experiences, hoteliers in the Asia Pacific region have demonstrated their ability to meet and exceed expectations. 

Review volume is up, but still below pre-pandemic Levels: Review volume witnessed a significant growth of 26.0% from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023. However, it is important to note that review volume remains 10.7% below pre-pandemic Q1 2019 levels. Noteworthy increases were observed in the Asia Pacific region (+69.1%) and Africa (+39.2%). On the other hand, the Latin America & Caribbean region experienced a modest growth (+5.6%), while North America saw a slight decline (-3.5%). The upward trend in review volume indicates a gradual recovery in traveler confidence and engagement. 

Image with graph showing share of reviews in Q1

Semantic analysis reveals positive sentiment: Analyzing over eight million mentions in review comments, the data reveals that 74.7% of mentions were positive, while 25.3% were negative. Among the top review sources, Tripadvisor stood out with the highest proportion of positive mentions (81.0%), while had the highest percentage of negative mentions (36.0%). It is noteworthy that despite challenges faced by the industry, a significant majority of reviews remain positive, indicating a resilient commitment to guest satisfaction. 

Image showing Semantics results from Q1

Hotels show responsiveness: In terms of review responsiveness, hotels showcased their dedication to guest feedback. In Q1 2023, hotels responded to 62% of reviews, with a higher response rate observed for positive reviews (64.6%) compared to negative reviews (53.2%). The average response time for positive reviews was 3.5 days, while negative reviews received responses within 4.4 days. This data underscores the importance of acknowledging and addressing guest feedback promptly to foster positive guest experiences and brand loyalty. 

Image showing share of review response between sources

Understanding online reputation guest experience data is essential for your hotels as it offers invaluable insights into your guests, allowing you to make informed decisions and improve overall operations. By harnessing this data, hotels can enhance guest experiences, build a strong brand reputation, and drive bookings and guest loyalty.  

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