Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings Frequently Asked Questions

24 May 2012 by ReviewPro in Research and Reports

The ReviewPro Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings are calculated from guest reviews from hundreds of the most relevant Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and review sites, and represent an industry first. The hotel industry now has an independent, online reputation benchmark that allows hotels and chains to evaluate their online presence and compare results with competitors.

Below you will find FAQ about the Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question.

Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings FAQ

Who is ReviewPro?

ReviewPro is the leading international provider of online reputation and social media management solutions to the hotel industry. We aggregate hundreds of millions of social media mentions, in over 20 languages, from hundreds of the most relevant Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), review websites and social media platforms.  ReviewPro provides the analysis, business intelligence, competitive benchmarking and automated reporting needed to help hoteliers more effectively manage across their organizations. Thousands of hotels in more than 70 countries, including some of the most recognized hotel brands in the world, rely on ReviewPro to better understand and improve guest satisfaction and to profit from the social web.

What are Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings?

Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings are independent, industry-focused hotel rankings based upon guest reviews from the most relevant Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and review sites in the world.  The top 10 rated hotels in each city are ranked in terms of online guest satisfaction.

What makes these city rankings different to other rankings?

The rankings are unique because they are based on the largest universe of user review data available. They are calculated using a proprietary algorithm developed by ReviewPro in conjunction with industry experts and advisors from leading graduate programs in hospitality management and client feedback. ReviewPro was the first online reputation solution provider to develop an industry benchmark that recognizes top performers in the area of online guest satisfaction.

What is the focus of the Global Review Index ™ Top Hotel Rankings?

The rankings are designed to share market insights for professionals in the hospitality and travel industry. The hotel sector finally has a definitive means of measuring itself in terms of online guest satisfaction.

Is this the first time ReviewPro has published rankings?

No. We initially piloted online guest satisfaction rankings in 2011. The response from individual hotels, chains and industry experts was overwhelmingly positive. We are very excited to extend the rankings to more leading cities around the world.

Why is ReviewPro publishing these rankings?

There is a clear link between online guest satisfaction and efficient hotel management. We felt there was a void in the market, and wanted to offer the hotel industry this resource.

What is the Global Review Index™?

The Global Review Index™ (GRI) is  a general online reputation score for an individual hotel, group of hotels or chain. Based on data taken from all major online travel agencies and review sites, it can be calculated for a given period in time (day, week, month, year, etc.).

How is the Global Review Index™ calculated?

Most review sites require the consumer to give a general evaluation of their experience. This quantitative assessment is normally based on a rating between 0-5 or 0-10, but varies by review site. The Global Review Index™ is calculated on a daily basis for each hotel by analyzing the quantitative scores associated with reviews posted.

How neutral are Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings?

These rankings are 100%  neutral and are based on the largest sample of review data available in the world.

What are Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings based on?

ReviewPro analyses online reviews for the total number of 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in each selected city. The GRI for each hotel is then calculated and each hotel in the given city is then ranked according to its GRI score.

What time period does a hotel’s ranking take into account?

For a given month, the GRI scores reflect the rolling average for that hotel during the previous 12 months.

So is it possible that a hotel’s ranking might change over time?

A hotel’s GRI reflects the guest satisfaction reviews it receives on OTAs and review sites. As reviews change over a given period of time, a hotel’s GRI will be affected, and therefore its ranking will go up or down.

How many hotels are taken into consideration in each city?

This varies by city, but we include all 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in the given city.

How does ReviewPro choose the cities for these rankings?

We have focused on top destinations around the world.

Isn’t it likely that the more luxury 5 star hotels will fare better in guest reviews than others with 4 stars or less.

No, not necessarily.  Guests review hotels in terms of their level of satisfaction. Guests staying at a 5 star hotel will have higher expectations and if they are not met, satisfaction will be affected. Reviews are a reflection of how each hotel lives up to these expectations and delivers against them.

My hotel is in the top ten rankings on a leading review site, but does not appear in your Top Hotel Rankings. Why not?

The Global Review Index™ Top Hotel Rankings analyze and aggregate data from a huge number of different OTAs and review sites to produce the GRI for each hotel. This means that they are based on considerably more data and therefore might be different to rankings published by an individual review site or OTA.

What can a hotel do to improve its ranking?

The GRI score for an individual hotel is an index of guest satisfaction, which clearly changes (for better or worse) over time.  So a hotel’s index will fluctuate depending on how it meets its guests’ expectations. Hotels can take advantage of online feedback to identify areas of weakness, investigate complaints and take actions to increase satisfaction and positive reviews. We believe that online reputation management is a key tool in understanding customers, improving operations, increasing guest satisfaction and driving revenue. For articles, case studies, guides and client webinars on these topics, please visit our blog.

Are the rankings free to view?

At this time ReviewPro intends to make this data available to all interested parties free of charge.