Four Ways to Use Hotel Guest Feedback to Drive Decisions

14 May 2019 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Online guest reviews and survey responses are a goldmine of information for any hotelier wishing to improve the experience at their property. These four savvy hoteliers extracted hotel guest feedback from the ReviewPro tools to identify issues that were important to their guests. With this information they then made guest-centric operational and service improvements. Bettering the guest experience helps to enhance online reputation, which boosts bookings and revenue.

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Monitoring success of check-in experience method

Automation may save time, but how does it affect guest satisfaction? Edwardian Hotels by RHG uses a question on its Guest Satisfaction (GSS) post-stay survey to identify the level of satisfaction with the check-in/check-out process. The results are combined with PMS data to separate the results of those that used traditional check-in with a human receptionist, and those that used the automatic booth. The feedback is contrasted to see if check-in method affects satisfaction levels, and those results then affect the rollout (or not) of more booths.

Improving room comfort

Getting a good nights’ sleep is key to guest satisfaction, so Ambassador Hotel in Kyrgyzstan was alarmed to detect complaints about room comfort on their GSS survey. Upon closer inspection, the complaints were pinpointed to the light level in the room in the morning due to thin curtains. Since then they have hung thicker curtains in the rooms, guests are able to sleep better for longer, and negative online reviews about comfort have decreased.

Ensure F&B is delivering

Breakfast is often the only meal that guests will eat at a hotel, so it is important to get it right. Hotel Conference Town in Chile actively monitors guest feedback via the Online Reputation Management (ORM) tool and staff discuss it in the weekly meeting. Complaints were detected about F&B, specifically about the breakfast being poor and the lack of vegetarian options. They have since improved the breakfast selection, made breakfast more visually attractive, and added vegetarian options to the lunch menu.

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Road safety first

Location is important, but what if it’s the very thing your guests complain about? Hotel Cap Negrat in Alicante is located next to a busy road, and via the ORM tool, the staff noticed semantic mentions with the words ‘danger’ and ‘unsafe’. Upon closer look, they found that guests felt they were too close to the road and that it wasn’t safe to go to the city center because of the traffic. To improve the situation, the hotel organized a shuttle bus to take guests from the hotel to the city center, doing away with exposure to roads and traffic. Not only have negative mentions tailed off, but a new category of positive mentions has opened up around the friendly staff and efficient bus shuttle service provided by the hotel.

Often, it’s the little improvements that make all the difference to the comfort and experience of the guest. How are you managing guest feedback at your hotel? Feel free to tweet us or request a demo to see which issues are driving negative complaints at your property, and what you could do to improve.

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