Guest Messaging Hub: Instant, Personalized, Efficient

27 Feb 2018 by ReviewPro in Guest Intelligence

The digital world is changing, and hotel guests are expecting faster and easier communication along with their pillow menu.

Hotels are also searching for the way to deliver the next level of service in line with today’s fast-paced environment, and a way to solve issues efficiently before they become negative reviews online.

Welcome to Guest Messaging Hub, a real-time solution to communicate with guests when they really need it.Laptop and smartphone showing ReviewPro's Guest Messaging Hub


How does Guest Messaging Hub work?

This innovative tool allows guests to contact the hotel using whichever messaging service they prefer, with no need to download an app. No matter which messaging service the guest uses, the hotel receives the information all in one place from where they can then respond and manage requests. This allows for a speedy and seamless response while the guests are still on site.

For the guest this offers agile and flexible communication with the hotel, in the way that suits them best.

For the hotel, the benefits are innumerable. Guests can be grouped into hubs according to their needs and messaging service preference (Facebook and Twitter together for example), or type of guest (VIPs, conferences). New cases or entire chats can be assigned and routed to the right person, who can then deal with the requests from any device.

Would you like to see how it works?


  • No app for guests to download. Hotel customers can enjoy a seamless messaging experience without having to download an app. It’s really simple for hotels to set up too.
  • Auto-reply messages & templates. Save time and unify your company voice using auto-reply messages, response templates and attachments. ‘Out of office’ replies ensure guest needs are met within your resource capacity.
  • Routing & escalation of messages. Assign cases to the relevant person or team within your organization. Internal alerts and automatic escalation rules ensure no guest query is overlooked.
  • Widget on hotel website. Embed a customizable widget on your website, Wi-Fi login screen or other digital platform so that guests can contact you easily and indicate their preferred messaging service to continue the conversation.
  • Multiple guest hubs. Create hubs for different groups of guests so you can customize the communication and workflow. Useful for VIPs, conference attendees or spa customers, to name but a few.
  • Interact with guests while on the go. Avoid unnecessary wait times by communicating with guests from our mobile app. Everything in one place, in real-time, at the touch of a button.

Infographic of guest using messaging services to contact hotel via Guest Messaging Hub

ReviewPro have already established themselves as leaders in Guest Intelligence with products that allows hoteliers to access large amounts of guest data in a user-friendly and actionable format. Guest Messaging Hub takes the experience a step further and allows hotels to effectively manage complaints and requests while guests are on site.

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