Take Control of Guest Experience with Guest Satisfaction Surveys

20 Mar 2019 by ReviewPro in Educational Guide

Someone filling in a guest satisfaction survey with pen and paper

In the age of online reviews, Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS) represent a critical way to solicit direct feedback from guests and evaluate guest sentiment. By using survey feedback to guide improvements, hotels can prevent negative reviews, increase guest loyalty and attract new guests.

While many hotels send out guest surveys today, few employ them to their best potential. At a time when consumers are bombarded with survey requests, a well-designed survey will generate higher completion rates and more valuable insights than the generic, one-size-fits-all surveys that most hotels send out.

Whether you are using guest surveys now and want to improve results or are just starting to test the waters, in this guide we’ll explain the key terms and metrics and show you how to design winning surveys, respond effectively, and take advantage of advanced survey tools and features.

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