Supercharge Your Guest Survey by Integrating with NextGuest CRM 

02 Dec 2020 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

A guest satisfaction survey is key when it comes to better understanding the guest experience. It offers you detailed feedback on every part of the guest’s stay, so you can know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. By integrating your ReviewPro survey with a CRM like NextGuest, you can store guest data along with survey responses for a better guest analysis.


How does your survey benefit from a CRM integration?

Integrating your ReviewPro survey with a CRM has a lot of benefits: the ReviewPro platform receives valuable guest data which can then be used for service recovery and for deeper insight into guest satisfaction. By utilizing the guest data stored by a CRM, a hotelier can take swift action when a guest sends back negative feedback.

Having access to the guest data when analyzing survey responses allows you to gain more insight. For instance, if most of your travelers come from China you want to make sure they are very satisfied. You are able to drill down and find out why your Chinese guests are giving you a low rating. Maybe they don’t like your breakfast options or do they not like the room decoration, which you can easily fix.

survey asking a guest how everything is going

But NextGuest offers more…

NextGuest CRM lets you take it a step further and provides the option of a two-way integration with ReviewPro. This means that apart from ReviewPro receiving the guest data, the CRM now also receives the survey responses.

“Through our integration with ReviewPro we not only provide our hotel customers with valuable survey information about their stay, we also learn more about their guests and use the results of the ReviewPro survey to drive campaign automation based on guest feedback as well as other data points gathered through the guest journey”, says Isobel Beese, Director Product Management and Integrations at NextGuest.

This holds a few extra benefits for hoteliers: “With NextGuest CRM and ReviewPro, hoteliers are able to gather more guest data that can be used for reporting, analysis or marketing campaigns for fully automated personalization of guest communication and offerings which leads to higher ROI, while also reducing complexity”, continues Isobel Beese.

For example, if you want to redirect the focus of your restaurant to a local audience, it pays to see what your local visitors have rated it so far. If the rating is low, you can again investigate why and make the necessary improvements. Or think about segmentation and sending out special offers to those guests who were very positive about a restaurant, the swimming pool, or other specific services.

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