Hotel Cleanliness In A Post COVID-19 World

11 Jun 2020 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

In another of our ReviewPro ‘Hotelier Talks’ we focused on cleanliness. We wanted to understand if there are any government guidelines in place and how hotels are benchmarking from those guidelines. How do hoteliers plan to gain the trust of guests post COVID-19?

Hand in rubber glove holding a disinfectant spray

‘We are designing specific cleanliness solutions for the industry based on their operations. What is essential is to follow regulations in your country and establish two clear processes, one for post covid operations and the other for a COVID-19 outbreak situation.‘ Pascal Jean-Michel, Global Account Director at Diversey

‘To communicate changes to procedures with guests hoteliers should think basic, simple and consistent. The Front Office team is the first welcome to the guest so having some gel available and a quick summary of the steps the property is taking to protect the guests will help them to feel more relaxed from the moment they arrive.’ Pascal Jean-Michel

‘It is important to have signage at key hotspots such as the entrance to restaurants and next to the elevators. Communication in the room also needs to be spot on.’ Pascal Jean-Michel

Man sweeping floor with gloves on

‘There should be a focus on hand hygiene, this is crucial. Every individual is responsible for protecting themselves and protecting others.’ Pascal Jean-Michel

‘Cleanliness will be key as we plan to reopen, guests need to know that the hotels are clean but we want to make it visible for them too. Most of our guests are leisure guests so we want them to be comfortable and enjoy themselves.’ Aron Rowland, Area General Manager at Charlestowne Hotels

‘We have put a lot of cleaning materials in the rooms to allow guests to clean as they go, when they please. Another step was to change our standard operating procedures and adapt checklists to be inclusive of our new plans. We also work based on feedback from our guests and we found that there is a demand for rooms that were vacant the night before as this means a guest is not walking into a room only hours after another guest was there.’ Aron Rowland

‘For us it is important to work on a balance between our responsibility to be clean and giving our guests a great experience. We are making room cleaning during the guest stay by request only, whereas before we would clean the rooms everyday the guest is with us. And now we are offering breakfast to go. Guests hang the menu card outside the bedroom door before 6am and we then prepare their order using individually prepackaged items where possible.’ Aron Rowland

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