All You Need to Know About Hotel Guest Loyalty

15 Jan 2019 by ReviewPro in Educational Guide

There’s a lot of talk in the travel industry these days that travelers aren’t loyal to hotel brands anymore; it’s all about price and perks. But is this really true? Does hotel guest loyalty exist without paying for it—and if so, how?

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Hotel guest loyalty

When it comes to hotels, travelers are considered loyal when they choose to stay at one hotel over other hotels—or with a certain hotel brand over other brands.

Not all loyal guests are of equal value, however. A guest who stays frequently but spends little may be less valuable than a guest who stays infrequently but spends a lot—and vice versa. And a frequent guest who books directly is typically more valuable than a frequent guest who books through an OTA. Part of determining how far to go to earn guest loyalty involves calculating their lifetime value to the hotel or brand.

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Generally speaking, frequent guests are valuable to hotels and brands because they generate room demand, helping hotels to increase occupancy, rates and RevPAR. Hotels know frequent guests better than one-timers and can cater to their needs and preferences, which strengthens relationships over time. Furthermore, some loyal guests are brand advocates who provide valuable feedback, write positive reviews and refer other travelers.

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The hotel guest loyalty guide

Whether you’re considering launching a loyalty program, revamping an existing program, or looking for ways to build loyalty without a formal program, this guide will help you set your priorities, develop a strategy and optimize results.

For more information on how to promote loyalty at your establishment