6 Ways Automation Makes Your Hotel Recovery Plan Better

03 Mar 2021 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

This year, accommodation providers are seeking ways to restore consumer confidence in travel and fast-track hotel recovery. At the same time, they’re looking for efficiencies and cost savings to help offset losses in revenue. Many are turning to technology for solutions.

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Hotel Recovery

In our Hotel Trends 2021 webinar, the COO of ReviewPro Neil James said, observed that “During the pandemic, we have all acquired new digital habits to limit face-to-face contact,” Neil James said during the webinar. “When we start traveling again, we will want to use the same channels. Investing in digital technologies will not only help you to reduce human interaction now but will also help future-proof your organization.”

With COVID-19 regulations changing regularly, travelers face greater uncertainty, and the need for information also grows. “Do I need to wear a face mask?” “Will breakfast be served?” “Is there a curfew in place?” These are just a few of the concerns people face when traveling today. And while guests may understand that not all facilities will be available, they do want to be alerted in advance of their closures.

Furthermore, according to James, “with technology deeply embedded into our daily lives, consumers have not only gotten used to fast communication, they also expect fast resolutions to problems.,” James said. Using digital communications solutions, hotels can keep travelers informed on their preferred messaging channels and automate internal processes to ensure prompt follow-up to queries and concerns. This will help guarantee service standards are upheld even within a contact-free environment.

Hotel Chatbot

He gave six tips on how you can leverage automation this year to help you add efficiency to your recovery plan:

  • Send automated messages to guests before, during and after their stay to ease pressure on staff and find other ways to manage and exceed guest expectations.
  • Prior to arrival, send an automated email or SMS to inform guests about COVID-19 measures and restrictions and to help set the right expectations.
  • Reduce the workload of front-of-house and contact center staff by training a chatbot to instantly respond to simple, repetitive questions 24/7 in multiple languages.
  • Integrate the chatbot with your booking engine to facilitate the booking process, reduce the volume of reservation calls and increase conversions.
  • Identify and resolve issues while guests are on property by sending an SMS or email with a link to an in-stay survey.
  • Implement automated processes that alert the right teams and escalate cases to management when necessary to provide quick resolutions to guest issues.

Remember, now is the time to reassess your digital tech stack. Once we reach the post-pandemic era, many of these new technologies will be the new normal. Taking an early digital leap will set your property ahead of competitors when things take off again.

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