Responding to Reviews: Everything You Need to Know

25 Jun 2019 by ReviewPro in Educational Guide

A key part of a successful hotel guest experience strategy is responding to hotel reviews. Whether to thank guests for a positive review, or respond to any issues a guest brings up, your management response is hugely valuable. It is your final chance to leave a previous guest with a good lasting impression of your hotel and (in the case of open online reviews) show potential customers that you care about the guest experience.

ReviewPro provides a range of solutions to support clients in the creation and execution of their review response strategy; from alerting hoteliers about specific topics within reviews, to tracking and managing staff response times and volume, responding efficiently and quickly, and automatically following up on any issues that are brought up.

We also provide practical support in the form of educational material. Download our latest guides on responding: All About Responding to Online Reviews, Surveys, and Guest Messaging or Defining a Hotel Review Management Response Strategy.

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Responding to Hotel Reviews

Guests understand that things can go wrong, what’s important is quick response time and communication. Responses need to show empathy, have a human tone and above all, not appear superficial.

It is important to acknowledge if there has been a problem, offer a solution or show how the problem will be solved and confirm that it will not happen again. Responding to reviews shows that your establishment is listening, cares about the issues that have negatively impacted guest experiences and that you are open to suggestions and to improve.

We recommend that hoteliers respond to 100% of negative, and then a percentage of neutral and positive reviews. You can find detailed advice on how to formulate a winning management response strategy here.

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Setting Alerts to Respond Where it Matters

Hoteliers can utilize the Automated Case Management system to alert response teams to reply directly to guests who have experienced issues during their stay, that may have had a negative impact on their overall experience.

Triggers for an alert could be a negative comment picked-up by the semantic analysis engine when a negative review is left on an OTA, review site, or via a Guest Satisfaction Survey.

Often, hotels put in place management response objectives and KPIs that are time sensitive. Automatic cases can be programmed to send specific reviews to workgroups for completion within fixed time parameters.

Want more in-depth information on responding to surveys, online reviews, or even guest messaging? Download one of our responding guides.

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