Introducing Hotelier Talks: Sessions for Hoteliers, By Hoteliers

01 Apr 2020 by ReviewPro in Hotelier Talks

The global COVID-19 pandemic has hurt hospitality like nothing before. In a short few weeks we have gone from a thriving industry to wondering when and how we will recover.

We believe that by learning from each other we can navigate the COVID-19 crisis that much better, and so we are coordinating a pop-up series of talks dedicated to listening to hotelier voices.

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Young hotelier has something to say

These weekly 30 min sessions are for hoteliers, by hoteliers. they are non-product non-sales related, simply other industry professionals, going through shared experiences. The sessions will be moderated by us, but the real protagonists are the attendees – each person will have the chance to speak about their experience and share realities with other hoteliers on the line.

We hope that by listening and learning you can manage better today, and prepare for a swift and efficient recovery tomorrow.

Each week we will visit a different topic, including:

  • Managing teams during crisis
  • Dealing with health, safety, and cleanliness
  • Global solidarity campaigns in the hospitality industry
  • Changing times, new technologies
  • Managing a speedy and successful recovery
  • Managing and recovering from lost bookings
  • Hotel marketing in unusual times
  • …and many more
  • Session info:

  • Tuesdays at 17:00 CET
  • 30-45 min session
  • Open to anyone in the industry
  • Sign up and indicate if you wish to speak, or just tune in to listen.

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