How Edwardian Hotels Harnesses Corporate Client Feedback

04 Dec 2019 by ReviewPro in Case Studies

Obtaining and acting upon guest feedback is vital to improving the guest experience. But guests are not all the same – different guests have different needs and expectations. In order to fully cater to the different types of guests you serve, segmentation of feedback data is vital.

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Edwardian Hotels hotel case study

Corporate clients are a key segment for many brands, and it is an important part of the sales team’s job to increase loyalty with this segment and ensure they make repeat annual bookings.

In many ways corporate clients are like any other guest – they also want a smooth and friendly check-in, a comfortable bed, and a good breakfast. However, in some other key areas they differ. They may need specific digital connectivity, they may come and go at different hours than leisure guests, or they may be more sensitive to noise at certain times of day when they are working within the room or hotel areas.

Edwardian Hotels knows the value of its corporate clients. The brand employs a PMS integration with its Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS) to constantly pinpoint and monitor the satisfaction of these clients. The information is fed to both the sales team and operations team to improve internal services or support areas like RFP or price rises.

In this case study, we will see how the brand noticed a dip in satisfaction for a subsection of its corporate clients – tech companies. Edwardian was able to pinpoint the exact issue, act upon it, and then measure the impact of change once the brand had made the relevant improvements. The result was a “win-win-win solution” for everyone involved.

Find out how Edwardian Hotels used guest survey data segmented with PMS filters to:

• Build a bridge between the commercial and operational teams
• Back up price increases and RFPs
• Identify unhappy accounts and pinpoint specific issues

If you’d like to find out how Edwardian did all this, download the case study.

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