Library Hotel Collection: 5 Secrets to Brand Reputation Building

21 Jan 2019 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Almost 10 years ago, Library Hotel Collection became legendary for placing its four boutique properties in the top-four positions of New York hotels on TripAdvisor. Since then, the company has expanded to seven properties. But rather than dilute its reputation during the growth period, the company has only strengthened its performance.

ReviewPro is proud of its longstanding partnership with Library Hotel Collection. Here, Adele Gutman, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Revenue, shares five of her secrets to solid brand reputation building.

1. Create a strong, distinctive brand identity.

Library Hotel Collection stands out from other brands in three key areas:

  • Individually-themed hotels
  • Distinctive personality and charm
  • Shared commitment to providing unique beauty, exceptional value and an outstanding yet unpretentious travel experience for every guest

hands of a guest messaging with a hotel

2. Hire kind, happy people who love to make others happy too.

Everybody on the LHC team who is hired in Toronto, Prague, Budapest or any of our New York hotels knows from the very beginning that our goal is to make every guest feel wonderful.

When guests give us feedback it’s important that our waitresses, front desk clerks, and the housekeeping team are constantly reporting back to the company’s management. Every single person on the team has to know how they contribute to that wonderful guest experience. Our reputation is our most valuable possession.

A welcoming coffee cup with milk in shape of heart at reception

3. Deliver a consistently exceptional guest experience across hotels.

We share our values and best practices with each other and we learn from every experience. If one hotel bumps its head on the wall, the next hotel will benefit from that and will not have to go through the same.

How does a company with an expanding portfolio manage to keep that consistency? We train the trainer and we train everyone because right at the time that we’re actually interviewing them we are telling them that the guest experience is the most important thing. We’re telling them that every single person needs to feel like a star when they stay at our hotel.

Clean white linen in a hotel room

4. Give the team the tools, training, and skills to make people happy.

We give everyone the tools, training, and skills they need to make people happy by asking them, what do you need? What were you missing? How can we make this better for you?

Most importantly we give each one freedom from fear. They know that they’ll never get in trouble by using their creativity and passion for hospitality to make things right with this guest on the spot. That makes the great reviews possible.

white arrows pointing up on wooden boards pointing the right direction

5. Create a culture of continuous improvement.

We have devised a culture of continuous improvement and incredible communication. The approach requires close cooperation between corporate staff and property staff. Our general managers are not just listening to the reviews and having someone send an answer – they are taking that information and turning that into continuous improvement.

Because of this consistency in the way we can talk, in how we conduct our training and hiring, and in how we empower our staff, we are able to enjoy such tremendous achievements.

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