Product Release: New Semantic Analysis

07 Oct 2015 by ReviewPro in Guest Intelligence

We have recently launched our brand new Semantic Analysis tool with updated detail and capabilities in order to provide our clients with an in-depth breakdown of their online reviews.

Based upon feedback from our clients, we invested significantly on this new and improved solution to allow you to identify positive and negative mentions related to guests’ experiences in more than 120 categories to help prioritize operational/service improvements. The data we use includes reviews aggregated from 161 online review sites/OTAs, in 45+ languages from around the world.

Below is a breakdown of the new tool:

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 16.39.25


The dashboard shows evolution over time. The red and green lines mirror each other, your positive sentiment goes down as your negative sentiment goes up. The green line should always be above the red to ensure that there is more positive sentiment than negative.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 16.39.39

The concepts block on the dashboard shows the significant movements of positive and negative sentiment, compared to the previous period. This is an algorithm we have developed to help flag issues that hoteliers may not notice and help them identify significant changes in sentiment across hundreds of individual concepts.




Categories are groups of concepts around key areas of the hotel. An example of a category wood be Food & Drink which includes concepts such as Breakfast, Restaurant, Bar and many others. In the mentions page for each category you will see the breakdown of every concept, allowing you to understand where you have opportunities to improve, as well as being able to compare directly with your competition:




In the mentions tab, in addition to seeing information related to the category or concept (above), you can see the text of the mention. In our new version we have added the ability to see the full review directly.

We have also improved the translation functionality by replacing our old translation engine with Google, and you can now translate all the mentions at once:

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 16.40.04

Click Through

The structure of the new semantic tab allows the user to journey from the general to the specific. You can click on the relevant links to see more detail. For example, click on a category or concept and you can to go directly to those pages.

If you click through any of the competition blocks you will be directed to the relevant sections of the competition sub-tab.

Relevant Data for All Members of the Team

The categories in the tool relate to different roles in the hotel and some of them directly link to the department indexes in the reviews for example, cleanliness, room, food and drink.

Clients can also use the functionality to create relevant views for other roles that may not be directly related to a category. For example, if you are responsible for revenue and distribution you might want to compare your overall performance on different sites, and you can do this filtering by source and saving as a view. We have created a view called ‘TripAdvisor Only’ to illustrate this:



Selecting this view will show the semantic results of just the TripAdvisor reviews, and also works on the results and mentions pages.

In the same way, you can now create views of the semantic mentions from your guest survey, or reviews in a specific language such as German. Filter and view in the moment and then save this view if you want to come back to it, simple!


A new approach to competitive data allows you as a hotelier to analyze data in relation to competitors.  Additionally, the competition sub-tab allows you to drill down and find specific mentions from your competitive set.

For more information, you can request a demo of our Guest Intelligence solutions here and one of our experts will be happy to explain our innovative new technology to you.