New ReviewPro guide for hoteliers: How to respond to reviews

25 Jul 2013 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Today, most travelers read online hotel reviews before they book. So it’s not a matter of “if” you need to respond to reviews on sites such as, but a matter of “how” – and how to do it with finesse.

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A Forrester survey of 200 travelers conducted on behalf of TripAdvisor revealed that 68% of respondents said the presence of management responses on a review site sways their booking choice in that hotel’s favor. It’s with that sense of urgency in mind that ReviewPro today is unveiling its newly updated 26-page guide, “How to respond to reviews,” written by ReviewPro’s Josiah Mackenzie.

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The guide’s packed with information about how hoteliers can boost their property’s online reputation by joining the public conversation about their own property.

“In my experience, hotels that reply to all feedback ‐ positive and negative ‐ engage the most people,” Michele Perry, TripAdvisor’s vice president of global communications, tells Mackenzie. “Responding to all reviews shows you’re listening and caring about what the guest thought.”

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If you’re thinking about responding to only negative reviews, stop, according to hotel operations manager and blogger Michael Hraba. He tells Mackenzie that this strategy doesn’t work because it can make the property look defensive to consumers.

Download: How to Respond to Online Hotel ReviewsDownload Guide: How to Respond to Online Reviews

Other questions addressed in ReviewPro guide to responding to reviews:

  • Should I respond to positive or negative reviews first?
  • What is a Twitter review?
  • What’s the best advice for responding to negative reviews?
  • What is the No. 1 source of negative feedback?
  • Should I set a deadline for responding to reviews?

Enjoy the guide and be sure to tell us your thoughts or additional questions either in this forum or on Twitter!