Optimize Guest Feedback Processes with Management Response Templates

20 Oct 2017 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Responding to guest feedback is one of the most challenging and time-consuming tasks that hoteliers face. And it’s not getting any easier. In addition to direct feedback via surveys, more feedback than ever is being shared publicly on review sites and social media channels.

How you respond to guest feedback can have a significant impact on guest perceptions, behavior and the overall success of your hotel. It has never been more important for hotels to have a clear management response strategy in place and to develop the relevant skills across the organization.

One challenge many of our clients face surrounds how to respond efficiently to online reviews and guest survey feedback while maintaining a personal tone.

With this in mind, our latest new feature, available in both Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS), allows hotel staff to create templates within the ReviewPro tool to use when responding guest feedback.

Templates can be created for different kinds of guests in different kinds of situations. Hoteliers may be responding to happy guests, angry guests or dissatisfied guests. With this new feature, it is now easy to create a series of templates that reflects your brand’s personality.

As responses written to online reviews are public, it is even more important than for survey feedback to personalize responses where possible to avoid sounding automated. We recommend hoteliers use templates as a base and then adapt content as necessary depending on the guest.

How templates can help:

• Makes it easier to respond quickly and regularly so the manager, or whoever is replying to the feedback, saves time.

• Structure responses so they maintain the same tone and don’t miss key information.

• Allows responses to be personalized easily and accurately with dynamic content option.

• Offers options to translate templates into different languages making it easier to respond to international guests.

How it works:

Users can easily manage their templates from the settings menu within the tool. They can click on a specific response, select a template option, delete old ones or create new ones. Templates can be available for just one hotel, specific hotels or an entire group. Users can also add a subject name, translate templates into multiple languages and choose when the template will be available.

If you are already a ReviewPro client and have any questions on this new feature, please contact your Account Manager. If you are not a ReviewPro client and would like to find out more, arrange a meeting with one of our Guest Intelligence experts.