96% hoteliers agree: Positive reviews generate revenue

24 Apr 2014 by ReviewPro in Hospitality Industry News

A fresh TripAdvisor study has revealed that, in 2014, hoteliers acknowledge the link between guest reviews and revenue, but continue to underestimate the value of reviews in attracting repeat business.

A staggering 96% of global hoteliers recognize the impact of online reviews in generating new bookings, demonstrating that savvy hoteliers are no longer turning a blind eye to the fact that positive reviews generate revenue. Reviews also influence 89% of travelers when choosing where to stay.

However, the study exposed discrepancies between hotelier and traveler perceptions – while 89% of travelers say that reviews are important to them when choosing accommodation, only 64% of hoteliers believe that reviews can directly attract business (despite recognizing the link between positive reviews and revenue).

This is alarming news because it shows that, while hoteliers acknowledge the impact of reviews on revenue, they continue “underestimating how positive experiences contribute to repeat business,” says the infographic.

The study also tells us that both hoteliers and guests agree on the importance of providing free amenities, such as wi-fi and breakfast. Guests don’t seem to care much for free parking (40%), despite being made readily available by hoteliers (80%). On the contrary, travelers strongly value free shuttle/taxi services, still apparently in thin supply at hotels today (15%). And 63% of hoteliers have already done away with the minibar, perfectly justified considering that only 14% of global travelers see it as an important amenity.

It’s hotel details like this that underscore the importance of harnessing guest comments and reviews to provide a better guest experience. With ReviewPro’s Semantic Analysis, a sophisticated data aggregation system that analyzes thousands of guest mentions of key concepts such as “minibar,” “parking,” and “wi-fi,” hoteliers can gain insight into the services and amenities that guests most (and least) value at their hotel.

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