Guest Survey Best Practices: Part One

06 Mar 2015 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

The majority of hotels have been using some form of guest survey for years, but recently a shift has been happening in the way that hotels collect feedback. Early adopters of guest surveys have realised the need to implement guest survey best practices and replace long, complicated surveys with shorter, more personalised direct surveys.

Most hotels that were previously using paper surveys have now implemented online versions and it is not uncommon to find smaller properties have bypassed the paper survey altogether to implement online surveys upfront.

Guest surveys are a valuable tool for hoteliers; they provide the feedback necessary to identify and solve internal issues, provide guests with a forum to raise their concerns (in a non-public venue) and for management to respond directly. By doing so, hoteliers may be able to lessen the chance that a guest will post a negative review on TripAdvisor (or other review sites) about his/her stay.

Touch screen online survey

When the hotel’s management responds to guest’s feedback, it can help cultivate and develop a relationship with a past guest. This is an important first step in building repeat business from this customer – and all of the other potential guests that they might tell about your property, either online or via word-of-mouth. In some cases, unhappy customers can even become advocates of your property because they are so appreciative of how management worked to resolve a problem or address a troublesome issue.

As you can see, guest survey management offers significant benefits for hoteliers. Over the next two weeks, I will be outlining the six basic rules for creating an effective survey. Part One outlines how to properly craft a survey to secure the highest response rate and the greatest amount of guest feedback possible.

Online works better than offline

Although some properties still use paper comment cards, they are much less effective than online versions of the exact same survey. In fact, the survey response rate for offline surveys is only typically between 15 to 30%, whereas online survey response rates (on average) are significantly higher.

With direct surveys, it is also possible to follow up more than once to implement systems for success to ensure excellence: remind the guest about the survey and ask them to complete it. If a hotel was only using paper surveys and the guest chooses not to fill out the survey during checkout, the hotel has lost the opportunity to obtain the valuable feedback that that guest could have provided. 

Of course, it is imperative that hotels improve their front desk processes in order to properly implement online surveys. Most hotels are notoriously bad at gathering guests’ email addresses; this limits a hotel’s ability to collect direct guest feedback, as well as minimizing the efficacy of future marketing efforts.

A property’s reception team must make every effort to collect an email address when checking a guest in, to ensure that the survey can be distributed to every guest who stays at the property. Without this change in check-in procedures, a hotel would be missing out on valuable feedback from all of the guests who did not initially provide an email address when booking.

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