How Radisson Hotel Group™ Cut Review Response Time in Half

08 Mar 2018 by ReviewPro in Case Studies

No one is more aware of the importance of online reputation than the dynamic hotel brand Radisson Hotel Group. Implementing ReviewPro’s Guest Intelligence Suite was just one of the steps in the brand’s quest to continually offer outstanding guest experiences. The group quickly realised that with such a large volume of feedback, it needed a solid strategy to ensure the reviews were not going unanswered.

Implementing the Auto Case Management (ACM) tool made answering guest reviews into a swift and automated process. The outcome has been nothing short of spectacular: within just three months the response time halved, and the YOY response ratio upped by 10%.

Would you like to see how it works?

How did Radisson Hotel Group do it?

First, automation rules were defined at brand level and applied to each establishment. One of the rules specifies that an alert is sent the General Manager (GM) when a negative review is published on the OTAs defined within the tool. The GM must respond to the review within a time limit or else the case is automatically escalated to a call center, for which the hotel is charged a fee.

Radisson Hotel Group™ clearly defined their strategy, with the automatic tool in place to ensure follow up. They successfully managed to streamline processes with a remarkable effect on response time and volume of reviews answered.

Blue chairs and coffee table hotelRadisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen

“ReviewPro is one step ahead of the game which is exactly what we need at Radisson Hotel Group. They are constantly updating the tool to add new features to enrich the platform. The Case Management solution has dramatically improved our review response strategy. As a result of the success we are now piloting case management within in-stay surveys.” says Cristina Serra, Vice President of Guest Experience & Product Development Radisson Hotel Group™.

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