Offical Launch of the ReviewPro YouTube Channel

05 May 2021 by ReviewPro in ReviewPro News

At ReviewPro we’ve been creating educational content since… forever! So far it’s always been in the form of blogs, case studies, guides, etc. We have an exhaustive resource library filled with insightful reads, but now it is time for us to embrace a new type of media and make our first steps into the world of video. Today, we proudly present you our ReviewPro YouTube channel.

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“With the rise of platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok we are getting more and more used to consuming content through video, so it seemed like a natural next step for us. Video is a great medium for us at ReviewPro to share our expertise on guest experience, while also showing the people behind the company, and the people using our platform” says Zoe Koumbouzi, Head of Marketing at ReviewPro.

What can you expect from the ReviewPro YouTube channel?

The ReviewPro YouTube channel is a hub for educational content on everything related to the guest experience where you can find:

  • Expert advice
  • Client testimonials
  • Product-related information
  • Company culture

What type of content is already on our ReviewPro YouTube Channel?

So far, we have a selection of client testimonials from:

  • Blue Tree Hotels: This Brazilian chain swapped their Excel sheets for ReviewPro’s Guest Satisfaction Surveys and Online Reputation Management solution, which allowed them to dig deeper into their guest satisfaction. Benefitting from the flexibility of ReviewPro’s surveys, they were able to send out a one-off survey about COVID-measures, which offered them great and detailed insights
  • Safir Hotels: This Kuwaiti hotel and resort chain understands the growing need for efficient, flexible, and lasting technology and opted for Guest Experience Automation™ (GEA) to offer clear and automated guest communication. The solution has allowed them to offer instantaneous and contactless communication through the channel of choice of the guest.
  • GAT RoomsThis city hotel chain was looking for a way to filter out repetitive guest queries, which led them to implement GEA™. With the help of the chatbot, they were able to alleviate the front desk staff’s work while offering guests timely responses.
  • Long Beach Lodge Resort: This Canadian adventure resort was looking for ways to level up their customer support, of which seamless communication is a key factor. That’s why they decided to implement GEA™, which allows them to respond to guests within seconds while also reducing the workload for their staff.

We also have product explainers we call ‘GX talks’, from some of our in-house guest experience experts, covering questions like:

  • How to manage negative reviews?
  • How can surveys be employed to boost recovery?
  • How can a good online reputation boost bookings?
  • How can surveys be used pre-, during, and post-stay?
  • What is the difference between feedback from reviews and from surveys?

The channel will be updated weekly with new video material. If you don’t want to miss out on any of our videos, then do not forget to subscribe!


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