Room Mate Hotels: Using Guest Feedback to Continually Improve

17 Dec 2019 by ReviewPro in Case Studies

When your philosophy states that your clients are “more than guests, they are roommates”, guest feedback is your best friend. Room Mate Hotels has a clear, friendly and honest approach to its guests, and communication in the form of online reviews is at the heart of its operations.

The group is not new to the importance of online reputation – it has been using Online Reputation Management (ORM) for almost a decade, and Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS) tools since 2003 to continually provide great service across its global portfolio of hotels. We caught up with Sofia Cruz, Operations Executive at Room Mate Hotels, to talk about a common interest: guest experience.

Room Mate Hotels hotel room

What does online reputation mean to Room Mate Hotels?

Guest reviews and online reputation are fundamental in the ongoing evaluation of Room Mate Hotels. It’s absolutely basic for us to communicate with our clients, ask what their needs are and above all actively listen, be proactive and react in a timely manner to their requests. Guests are the center of our business and thanks to having direct contact with them, in which our staff play a key role, online reviews are a living reflection of the experience of our hotel clients. Guest feedback helps us to act in real-time to all the factors that affect the guest experience: their stay, the service at the hotel, and all the operational issues that they may experience.

Sofia Cruz Room Mate Hotels

How do you use guest feedback within your business?

We use ReviewPro to monitor guest feedback on a daily basis throughout all the departments in the company. It allows us to detect areas of improvement and react quickly, and also to identify what is working well and strengthen that. We also use the tool to keep an eye on the competition. Thanks to this platform we have been able to improve our service, become more agile, and identify hotel trends in both the short and long term.

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What benefits have you experienced by listening to guest feedback?

We have seen a number of benefits at our hotels since implementing ReviewPro. For example, at some hotels we have employed the In-stay Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) which provides us with feedback as soon as guests arrive. This has allowed us to improve our response time, or even resolve problems on the spot. We have used Semantic Analysis to identify and resolve recurring issues in certain rooms. Overall, the tools have allowed us to better adapt to guest needs so that they have a better more personalized experience.

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Room Mate Hotels is an international hotel chain with a global vision founded by Kike Sarasola in 2005. Its philosophy is based on the idea that the best way to travel is by visiting friends in each city with which we can share a way of life and get to know the city through their knowledge and experiences. Room Mate’s 26 hotels have a total of about 1,800 rooms with 11 more hotels opening soon. Hotels are viewed as “homes” that open their doors to travelers who come to the city looking for comfort, warmth, and the welcoming spirit offered by the chain’s excellent team of professionals. Design plays a crucial part, and designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Lázaro Rosa Violán, Tomás Alía, Lorenzo Castillo, Pascua Ortega o Teresa Sapey have all had a hand in designing the global portfolio of properties.

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