Staying Open During Coronavirus? 8 Tips From the Legendale Hotel Beijing

29 Apr 2020 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

While many hotels around the world have closed their doors during the recent COVID-19 epidemic, Legendale Hotel Beijing has remained open. We spoke to Jinzhi Xu the General Manager of the hotel who provided some suggestions for other hotels who are staying open during coronavirus.

Hotel sign showing as open in the window during coronavirus

He started by making clear that hotels that are staying open during Coronavirus should first strictly comply with the requirements of their local government and the Center for Disease Control to ensure that employees and guests are safe.

After that, hotels should take the time to consider both staff and guest psychological and also physical safety by using some of the following pointers:

1. Ask your teams to clearly communicate how they are feeling daily. This ensures that any symptoms are caught early, and cements trust and empathy among the team in this difficult time.

2. Encourage all employees to avoid public transport and drive to work to avoid cross-infection, provide them with free parking on property.

3. Keep your team healthy and well fed by providing well-balanced meals prepared on-site.

4. Provide all staff with protective equipment such as masks, gloves, aprons, and show them the correct ways to use and dispose of the equipment.

Social distancing on the sidewalk during coronavirus

5. Make it compulsory that every member of staff completes an online health and safety course in understanding Coronavirus and best practices to avoid contracting and spreading the virus.

6. Use one specific restaurant to provide food to guests, with clear opening hours.

7. The general manager should be in the hotel at all times to handle any emergencies and support the staff.

8. Give guests peace of mind by offering daily temperature measurement, room cleaning, and disinfection on demand and provide hand sanitizer in all areas of the property.

Whether you are open during this time or are considering reopening, ensuring both staff and guests are fully taken care of is always a good strategy.

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