How Sunrise Premium Resort & Spa Uses Guest Messaging to Increase Direct Bookings

27 May 2019 by ReviewPro in Case Studies

Sunrise Premium Resort & Spas is pioneering the use of the webchat feature of Guest Messaging Hub. The aim? To make guest communication fluid and convenient, increase direct bookings, boost upsell, and increase revenue.

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Sunrise Premium Resort & Spas is a collection of rooms and villas located in the beautiful Vietnamese coastal city of Hoi An. The resort currently uses the Online Reputation Management (ORM), Guest Survey Solution (GSS) and Guest Messaging Hub (GMH) solutions to ensure that it is creating a guest-centric culture at the property.

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Transforming guest communication

While it is important to monitor online reputation, and to incorporate both online reviews and guest survey data to drive important changes at the property, the addition of Guest Messaging Hub 12 months ago has transformed how the brand interacts with guests both pre-stay and during their visit.

When prospective or pre-booked guests land on the website, they can connect to the live webchat which puts them directly in touch with staff. Connecting pre-arrival encourages a fluid conversation and the opportunity to discover what the guest might need, immediately providing a chance to create a human touchpoint and superior guest experience, as well as the opportunity to increase revenue.

example of a conversation in a guest messaging chat

How the brand uses Guest Messaging Hub’s webchat funcionality

• As a place the guest can make direct bookings.

• To sell upsell packages like F&B or spa packages.

• To provide extra services for example, airport transfers.

• To offer information, shortening the response time as opposed to email enquiries.

Without any language barriers thanks to the GMH ‘translate’ option which is integrated into to the tool.

• As a place guests can easily contact the hotel and then seamlessly continue the conversation via the messaging service they habitually use.

• As an opportunity to create extra touchpoints with the guest and provide true hospitality.

“When implementing Guest Messaging Hub, we hoped to create a welcoming feeling when guests were shopping on our website”, says Quan Nguyen, Revenue Manager Sunrise Premium Resort and Spa Hoi An, “We hope to continue to use the solution to maintain and improve guest satisfaction.”

messaging services WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, SMS, Telegram, Viber, WeChat and Twitter

Guest Messaging Hub is now being used with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Viber, which cover the majority of the messaging services that the guests habitually use. The hotel staff use the ReviewPro app to ensure that they are immediately notified of any incoming messages and are able to respond on the go. The group plans to add more staff in order to maintain and improve guest satisfaction levels over the next 12 months.

Sunrise Premium Resort & Spa Hoi An is designed by renowned and awarded UK Designer NOOR, capturing the local style and contemporary living standards. Offering 222 contemporary rooms, ranging from the cozy Deluxe Rooms to the premium Villas, each of them is thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on intimacy, luxury and the conveniences of home. Views are enriched by the beautiful gardens and stunning ocean view rooms overlooking the scenery of the famous Cham Islands.

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