Survey: 90% say positive reviews impact purchase decisions

07 Aug 2013 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Hot off the press: Today, the well-known tech blog published a piece that highlights a subject near and dear to our hearts – “How to Solicit Customer Reviews without Pissing People Off.”

The article demonstrates the importance of encouraging online customer reviews – a subject that hoteliers also grapple with.

It also cites some interesting new data from a survey conducted by market research firm Dimensional Research on behalf of software firm Zendesk. According to the study, a staggering 90% of respondents said that positive online reviews influence their buying decisions, while 86% said that negative reviews have a direct, negative impact on purchase choices.

These statistics 
emphasize the importance of striking a positive review balance in today’s age of empowered online consumers. “In many cases,” the article says, “the biggest obstacle that small businesses have with online reviews isn’t getting negative ones — it’s getting them at all.”

You can read the full article on, but here’s a summary of tips suggested for someone in any type of business to overcome fear or reluctance to request reviews:

  1. Make writing a review as easy as possible
  2. Be present on multiple review sites
  3. Be candid
  4. Tread the incentives line carefully
  5. Consider your demographics
  6. Turn reviewers into brand ambassadors
  7. Don’t ignore the negative reviews

ReviewPro has written extensively on this subject.

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Download: How to Encourage Guest Reviews for your Hotel