The Importance of Email Collection for Hotels

02 Oct 2015 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Do all of the emails you send to your guests get delivered? Or are some bounced back? The reason emails are not received by some hotel guests is because of incorrect email collection. This is down to a number of reasons: spelling errors, illegible writing, expired addresses, not confirming them or guests purposely providing incorrect emails.
Why is obtaining correct emails important for hotels?

Email is one of the key ways of communicating with guests. Hoteliers can ask for feedback on a stay at the hotel, send out promotional and marketing material as well as carry out other customer relationship management (CRM) actions.

Obtaining correct email addresses gives you the opportunity to reach out to guests as soon as their stay is over, whilst the experience is fresh in their minds, enabling more detailed feedback to be obtained. It also increases the response rate to guest surveys, making the insights more relevant for decision making.

Many hotels nowadays are keeping track of their Email Collection Rate (ECR). ECR is the total number of valid emails a hotel obtains divided by the total number of checkouts, providing an idea of how many emails collected were correct, compared to the total number of guests that checked into the hotel.

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What can your hotel do to obtain the maximum number of correct emails?

1. Train Staff

The first thing is to provide your staff with proper training to make them aware of the importance of collecting correct emails. This involves asking staff to re-check emails, repeating the address back on the telephone as well as acquiring emails face-to-face.

2. Ask for limited information

Giving guests long forms to fill out often leads to incomplete answers therefore instead of asking many questions, focus on asking for an email address alongside a few other critical questions. Further information can be obtained at a later date, when sending guest satisfaction surveys, for example.

3. Send reservation confirmation by email

Confirm the reservation by email, whether it is made online or by telephone. This ensures the guest has provided a valid email address. It is then essential for the front-desk staff to be aware of the guests who have provided an email address and those who have not, as asking for the same information several times may be irritating for visitors.

4. During check-in

There are several things you can do during check-in to make sure you receive the correct email addresses.

  • Include an email request on all check-in forms
  • Require an email address to get keys
  • Self-check-in using machines (requiring an email address)
  •  Offer an incentive to provide an email address such as a free gift (drink, internet access, late checkout etc.), content/information (e-book about the city) or club/rewards membership schemes.

5. During Checkout

  • Provide a drop-box for business cards
  •  Ask for guest’s email to send survey asking for feedback
  •  Have a tablet with integrated form asking for feedback

6. Set email collection rate objectives

Incentivize your staff by setting email collection rate objectives with small rewards, making sure you communicate and share the results in order to build awareness and motivation.

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