Three Golden Rules to Enhance Hotel Brand Recognition and Increase Guest Loyalty

19 Nov 2019 by ReviewPro in Webinars

The need for strong brand identity in the hospitality industry is imperative in today’s landscape if hotels are to secure repeat bookings. Personalizing the guest experience, getting to grips with the latest tech, and tailoring loyalty programs according to your brand are just some of the ways we can increase hotel brand recognition and secure loyalty.

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Below, three big brands in hotel tech give their golden nuggets of advice on the subject. For more, make sure you register for the webinar!

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1) “Loyalty programs aren’t just for the big brands” TravelClick

In this increasingly competitive landscape to secure a guest’s business, implementing a loyalty program is an effective tool to recognize and reward each guest from stay-to-stay, whether your objective is to drive more direct bookings or repeat business, boost ADR, cross-sell other properties, or simply stay independent! However, the challenge is to choose the right type of loyalty program and tailor it to align with your strengths and fit within your constraints.

Loyalty programs can be something formal with points or structured rewards, but your loyalty program can just as well be an informal way to recognize your VIPs with room upgrades, discounts on future stays, or access to unique experiences — one’s own imagination is really the limit. Ultimately, the success of a loyalty program is dictated by a hotel’s ability to provide value to guests for booking direct again and again.

2) “Enhancing hotel recognition through your guests’ most valued possession” StayNTouch

It’s known that increased brand exposure will lead to more conversions. Unfortunately, traditional ad-buyouts and cross-promotions are gaining less-and-less traction with today’s travelers.

This is because mobility has radically changed the landscape of modern hospitality marketing. Today’s guests interact with hotels and each other through their mobile devices: They are inspired to travel through social media, research their destination through numerous hotel review sites, reserve their stay through OTAs or (hopefully) a direct booking engine, and write online reviews to tell the world about their experiences.

The point is simple: If a hotel wants to maximize brand recognition, it has to optimize its entire guest journey for mobile. Implementing a mobile check-in solution is a big part of this. Mobile check-in adds convenience and personalization to a guest’s stay, allowing them to skip the line to the front desk, adjust their check-in/ check-out times, and enhance their stay with room upgrades or add-ons. And all of these choices can be recorded in the hotel’s mobile PMS to provide personalized messaging and recommendations for later use.

When hotels use a mobile PMS to make the guest journey frictionless, personalized, and memorable, guests are more likely to be inspired to share their experiences with others. And when your guests become organic influencers, they can enhance your brand recognition and attract future guests… without having to pay for ads or promotions!

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3) “Great guest experience is the key to earning loyalty” ReviewPro

Loyalty starts and ends with the guest experience, but earning loyalty takes time. Hotels must deliver on brand promises and exceed guest expectations consistently, on every stay. Only then can they truly focus on strengthening loyalty using a combination of incentives, recognition and rewards.

Guest feedback tells you what keeps guests coming back … and why they don’t return. It is key to monitor and understand guest feedback and use it to make data-driven decisions to drive operational and service improvements within your property.

By providing real-time, efficient guest service while guests are on site, you ensure that you surprise and delight them and turn them into brand advocates. Many guests today expect a digitized experience, so contacting them via their preferred communication channels while they are still in your hotel and providing service recovery before they leave, wins rave reviews and creates loyal guests.

Making decisions based on guest feedback and exceeding guest expectations when the they are still on site strengthens their loyalty to your hotel, brand, or group.

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