Transamerica Hotel Chain Puts Guest Experience First With Amazing Results

23 Apr 2019 by ReviewPro in Case Studies

As any hotel brand today, Transamerica Hotel Chain is aware that it operates in a market where competition is fierce and online reputation matters. It needed to find a system that would help manage the issues facing hoteliers in today’s market and provide solutions that it would be able to apply across a portfolio of 26 hotels.

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Hotel Transamerica Chain case study cover

Online Reputation Management (ORM): this solution was used to track growth via the Global Review Index™ (GRI). The group is managed by a board of directors, so it was important to be able to provide evidence of growth and sustainability.

Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS): this solution was used to reveal deeper information about any negative mentions detected via ORM, it revealed some interesting findings regarding F&B that were modified according to the feedback.

Auto Case Management (ACM): used to automatically alert the right staff members in the right departments of any issues. This ensures no complaint or request goes under the radar.

Download the case study to read about how this brand completely redefined its online reputation strategy and adopted guest experience management in an integrated manner.

Find out how:

GRI™ increased by a huge 4%
• The group uses data to report to its board of directors
• Guest feedback is used for CapEx decisions
• Staff engagement has skyrocketed

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