Valuable new competitive insight using NPS® results

26 May 2017 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

The Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is a metric based on one simple question: “How likely are you to recommend this business to a friend or colleague?” But do you know how likely guests are to recommend your competitor’s hotel?

Alongside the importance of internal guest surveys, the significance of the NPS® has also grown in the hospitality industry over the years. The methodology of the question is always the same, making it a key metric for benchmarking, not only as an effective internal performance indicator, but potentially also as a means of comparing results with competitor brands.

Today, most of our Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) clients are using the NPS® question to measure their overall brand satisfaction and to track improvement over time. However many ReviewPro clients have expressed an interest in being able to benchmark their NPS® with competitors by viewing the scores of other hotel groups at both a brand and hotel level.

In response to this, we have launched our brand new NPS® Competitors feature. This latest development offers hotels an exciting opportunity to gather exclusive competitive insight, previously unavailable, and helps them to stay ahead of the game.

The concept of this new functionality is simple. Clients of our Advanced GSS product who agree to share their NPS® results will be able to view the NPS® results of competitors who have also chosen to participate in the program. In order to access this new competitive benchmarking data, clients must activate this feature in their Settings within the tool and agree to share NPS® results with other participating ReviewPro clients.

The list of hotel competitors will be the same compset as in the Online Reputation Management part of the tool. In this summary, users will see:

· Ranking: The hotel position regarding the NPS® against the hotels in the compset.
· Compset NPS®: Competitors average NPS®
· Hotel NPS® Evolution vs compset average NPS®

Even if there are some competitors who are not using this functionality, you can still benchmark your guest satisfaction using both the GRI™ and CQI™.

Phase 2 of the NPS® Competitors feature will launch soon, allowing you to benchmark your brand against the brand of the other ReviewPro clients who have also opted to share their NPS® scores.

If you are an existing ReviewPro client and would like to find out more about this new functionality please contact your Account Manager.If you are not a client and have any questions about this new feature or guest surveys in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us.