Webinar: Disruption 2017: Trends & Strategies for the Modern Hotelier

20 Jan 2017 by ReviewPro in Best Practices

Wondering what the biggest trends that will impact hoteliers this year are? What we can expect in terms of growth in travel by region, and the major trends and factors impacting travel? Join us for our free webinar on Tuesday 31 January when our panel of experts will explore three trends disrupting the hotel industry in 2017 and what your hotel can do to adapt and thrive.


1) The Rise of Megabrands: After massive consolidation among major hotel companies and online travel agencies in recent years, the travel industry is now dominated by a handful of megabrands. How can independent hotels and small groups compete with powerful OTAs and branded hotels run by huge conglomerates like Marriott, IHG and AccorHotels?

“To stay competitive in a mega brand and OTA-driven world, it’s really a matter of personalized vs. one-size-fits-all,” says Simone Puorto, Director of Global Accounts and Quality Manager at WIHP and one of the webinar’s panelists. “Hoteliers have a number of tools at their disposal, from opaque rates to metasearch advertising, and from tailor-made services to AI travel assistants. What remains of the disintermediation hype of the 2000’s?”

2) Private Rentals: Airbnb has brought private rentals into the mainstream, and now OTAs are getting into the action too. As more travelers choose private rentals over traditional hotels, hotels will have to find new ways to stay competitive and new revenue streams. We will discuss why alternative accommodations represent one of the biggest threats facing the hotel industry today and what hotels can do about it.

3) Digital Customer Service: With the rise of online check-in, keyless entry, virtual concierges, chat apps and chatbots, how can hotels ensure guests are happy? What is a bot and how does it differ from a robot? What is artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice-activated personal assistants? We’ll explain these terms and how they have the potential to disrupt the hotel industry.

Featured Panelists:

· Simone Puorto, Director of Global Accounts, WIHP
· Daniel E. Craig, Founcer, reKnown
· Fiona Gillen, VP of Marketing, ReviewPro

Date & Time:

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
4pm London (5pm Barcelona/11am New York City)
Duration 1 Hour
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