Adam Zembruski Shares High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Win Guests

14 Oct 2011 by ReviewPro in Hospitality Industry News

Adam ZembruskiAdam Zembruski wrote an article this week for Hotel News Now that talked about the high impact ways to win guests.

Inches, small percentages, going the extra mile—these are ingredients of the “secret sauce” that make a hotel, company or leader not just good, but great. A hotel company that does the minimum, the 97%, will keep its head above water, but it will never be great.

In order to demolish the competitive set (figuratively, of course), operators needs to do that extra 3%. Here are some high-impact/low-cost solutions that will help you win the fight for guests.

On the topic of reputation management, Adam quoted me with the following:

1. Start by listening. Choose a tool that gives you the greatest depth and breadth of data collection. Review websites that might seem small or regionally focused could play a significant role in the business you generate in certain niches and demographics.
2. Use a benchmark measure of online guest satisfaction, set goals and measure progress towards these goals. Holding each manager accountable is crucial for progress.
3. Generate department-specific reports from social media and review analytics that provide each manager with the insight they need to make decisions and take action. It’s especially interesting to see review analytics used for revenue and operations management—and these areas are where some of the most important innovations in social business are happening.

“Operations management is reputation management, and reputation management is revenue management,” Mackenzie told me.

Read the full article here on Hotel News Now.

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